Preparing for the HUD Exam Webinar Part III: Test Anxiety & Study Techniques - Recorded

Dec 12, 2019 09:00am -
Jul 31, 2020 11:59pm
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Preparing for the HUD Exam Webinar Part III: Test Anxiety & Studying Techniques - Recorded

Pre-Recorded  Webinar

Imagine yourself sitting down to take the Housing Counselor Certification Exam. How do you think you will feel?

Will you feel confident and prepared,  certain that you will pass this important exam? Or do you imagine that when you sit in front of the test, with the questions staring you in your face, you'll start to panic?

Will your heart start beating fast?

Will your hands start to shake and sweat?

Do you fear that all of the answers that you’ve worked so hard to learn will magically disappear from your mind?

It’s normal (and expected) to experience stress and anxiety at the thought of having to take a certification exam. A mild amount of anxiety can actually be useful in helping you to stay focused and to sharpen your attention.

However when the stress and anxiety escalates, and you find yourself struggling to study, focus and learn the information for the test, this anxiety is now a problem. As stress and anxiety increase, your confidence in your ability to pass the test will decrease.  This is a no-win situation and one that we hope to help you avoid.

Join Erica N. Reed, LCSW-C for this webinar designed to help you:

    • Learn your preferred learning style so you can study more effectively
    • Learn strategies to reduce anxiety and increase confidence
    • Learn study techniques to increase learning and retention of information
    • Learn key strategies to fit in study time around all of the other demands in your life  


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