Non-Profit Leadership and Capacity Building


Non-Profit professionals and leaders learn how to further their mission and goals.  Participants and advocates learn how to create strong organizations through board development, fundraising, financial management, and proven leadership strategies. 

The following trainings are offered:

  • Leadership Strategies for Non-Profit Managers and Directors.
  • How to Build an Effective Board of Directors and By-Laws
  • Financial Management and Successful Audits
  • Fundraising and Grant Writing Strategies
  • Identifying and Securing Paying Clients
  • Public Speaking for Non-Profit Leaders
  • Building Local Coalitions to Advance Your Mission
  • Succession Planning and Transitioning Leadership
  • How to Use CDFIs to Advance Affordable Housing and Business Development
  • Minority-owned, Women-owned and Micro Business Strategies for Community Development  


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