Scholarship Process for Housing Counseling Trainings

Purpose: The purpose of NCRC- National Training Academy providing scholarship assistance is to assist individuals in the housing counseling profession with an avenue for increasing their knowledge and expertise, thereby enabling them to better assist their clients. By attending our trainings, participants will gain tools and resources to assist consumers by providing them with the necessary information to prepare them to make informed housing choices.

Application & Eligibility Process:

Application-Scholarship applications are processed as they are received. Since there are a limited number of scholarships available, awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis. More than one individual from the same organization may apply for a scholarship; each individual must complete a separate application unless you are applying for a full (roommate) scholarship.  Applicants applying for a full scholarship are only required to submit one application for both individuals.

Within two weeks after the application deadline, the applicant will receive an email notification if application has been approved or denied.

Eligibility Process- Awards are provided to housing counselors employed by “Participating Agencies.” Participating Agencies are all housing counseling and Intermediaries participating in HUD’s Housing Counseling Program, including HUD-approved counseling agencies, Affiliates and Branches of HUD-approved Intermediaries, HUD-approved Multi-State Organizations (MSO), and State Housing Finance Agencies (SHFA).

Awards are non-transferrable; if you are unable to attend the training after you have been awarded a scholarship you are required to cancel no later than 3 weeks prior to the event without being penalized. If you cancel prior to the cancelation deadline you can reapply for another scholarship in the future. If you cancel and have a colleague from your organization that can attend in your place they will not be required to reapply and will be approved to attend in your place.

Scholarship Qualifications for Travel:

Award recipients must be traveling at least 50 miles from the venue location to qualify for a travel or lodging scholarship.

The following forms of transportation will qualify for reimbursement:

Airfare, Train, and Bus- You will need to provide the appropriate receipt that indicates how much your individual ticket was to attend the training. You will be reimbursed based on your final ticket cost including tax and fees.

Vehicle-You will be reimbursed based on the exact mileage of your travel from your original destination to the training location. Your mileage must be no less than 50 miles to qualify for a reimbursement. Your reimbursement should be calculated based off of the Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage Reimbursement Rates provided by GSA. To view the exact rates per mile please visit submitting your reimbursement form you must also provide a copy of your driving directions which should indicate the exact mileage of your trip by using Yahoo Maps, MapQuest, Google Maps etc. Please note NTA does not reimburse for gas. Parking can be reimbursed if appropriate receipts are provided.

Types of Scholarships:

1) Tuition Scholarship- NTA provides all housing counseling training registrants with a tuition scholarship. Participants will receive a full tuition scholarship when registering for all online trainings, making all online trainings free of charge. Partial tuition scholarships are given for all instructor-led training, requiring a non-refundable registration fee when registering. No application is required to receive a tuition scholarship and is applied automatically when registering.

2) Travel or Lodging- This single scholarship will cover up to $600 of travel OR lodging expenses. Which means recipient is responsible for covering all upfront expenses. Recipient is responsible for making all travel arrangements and making lodging reservation under NCRC block of rooms prior to the provided deadline. Reimbursements will not be processed if recipient stays at a hotel outside of the NTA room block. Local attendees within 50 miles of the venue will not be eligible to receive a scholarship. This scholarship does not require a roommate.

3) Full Lodging- NTA only offers full lodging scholarships to organizations that are experiencing hardship, and can only send one individual to attend training. In order to receive this full lodging scholarship, two participants from different organizations must be willing to share a room that are of the same gender. The expenses of the room will be paid by NCRC only if both attendees register, attend, and complete the training in full. This full lodging scholarship will ONLY cover lodging expenses. This scholarship does require a roommate, but the roommate will be assigned by NCRC.

4) Full Scholarship- NTA only offers full scholarships to organizations that are experiencing hardships, and would like to send more than one participant to attend training. In order to receive full scholarships, two participants from the same organization must register, attend, and complete the training/s of your choice. This full scholarship will cover lodging expenses and will contribute $500 towards both recipients’ travel expenses COMBINED. Lodging expenses will be paid for in full upon completion of the training only if both recipients attend the training each day entirely. Local attendees within 50 miles of the venue will not be eligible to receive a scholarship. This scholarship does require a roommate.

If any portion of training is missed, the scholarship will be immediately revoked and all expenses will be the responsibility of the individual or organization.  

Reimbursement Process:

To receive your reimbursement after the completion of the training, please follow the specific directions mentioned below regarding the application & reimbursement process:

Reimbursement deadline- The entire class must be completed and a certificate of completion issued in order to be reimbursed. After the training, the recipient is required to submit all travel or lodging receipts, expense sheet and W9 provided by NTA no later than 2 weeks after the training. Failure to submit ALL requested documents within allotted timeframe will eliminate the ability to receive payment. Participants will have five days after being informed of any missing documents to resubmit. After the fifth day, if NTA has NOT received the missing documents, only the properly submitted expenses will be reimbursed.

Reimbursement check- From the time the reimbursement information is submitted to NCRC, your reimbursement will be processed no later than the next applicable billing cycle. A check payable to award recipient will be mailed to the address provided.

For any questions regarding the scholarship process, please email