Women's Business Center


The DC WBC offers a full schedule of trainings, events and education to women entrepreneurs to enhance their entrepreneurial skills that build community and economic wealth. When a client signs up for counseling, at the initial session, s/he meets with the Director or the Business Development Specialist and discusses their needs.  With that information, the DC WBC staff person helps to create a timeline and assigns reading and exercises that will help the client reach their goal. If an upcoming training course is a good fit and can help s/he to reach their goal, clients are referred to the training. Trainings are generally offered at low or no cost to promote accessibility for all persons regardless of income. On a continual basis, the DC WBC does offer scholarships to persons in need of financial assistance who complete the form and submit financial documentation. 

The DC WBC also provides special topic seminars and programs that focus on networking and coaching opportunities. Below are the trainings provided by the WBC:

  • Brainstorm a business idea and complete a business plan outline
  • Discuss techniques to spur growth and innovation for existing business owners
  • Creating a business plan outline and participating in mastermind groups
  • How to write a business plan focused on operating a successful, sustainable small business
  • How to do business development
  • The essential tips for operating an effective Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for their business
  • Practical introduction to topics related to business financial literacy using FDIC's curriculum
  • Federal government contracting incubator to learn business development

For more information visit www.dcwbc.org